Apple Store Genius

I spent a few hours shadowing a “Genius” at my local Apple store. Andrew is a self described tech nerd who loves Apple products so this job is really pretty ideal for him. To schedule his day Andrew carries around an Ipod which shows which customers are coming in to the store for help, when they are scheduled, and what the problem is. After calling a customers name out in the store and finding them (which can be challenging), Andrew checks them in to the Genius Bar and takes down their information on his Ipod. He then tries to fix various problems like broken power adapters, mice, trackpads, batteries. One funny issue happened with an older couple who was wondering why their power adapter wasn’t working only to find out once Andrew told them that the laptop case was causing the adapter to not go into to its port. Once he diagnoses the problem he tries to explain the issue in laymen’s term to the customer which he said can be difficult. Many people don’t understand tech terminology and he said his employer really emphasizes this. 

A Typical Day

An apple store genius sees many clients everyday and tries to solve their problems

Top 3 Perks

1) Handling equipment that you are passionate about

2) Helping people with issues they do not understand can be gratifying 

3) Talking to people all day long

Job Culture

Solving issues for clients of all ages, typing brief reports, troubleshooting, indoors, standing for long periods of time, trying to work in busy small areas


- No formal requirements

 - A degree in electronics engineering would be helpful

Skills Needed

Analytical, communication, people skills, computer skills, near vision, dexterous, ability to concentrate despite distractions

The Field

- They are getting busier everyday because the company is growing in popularity