I was fortunate to shadow Stephan, a boxer with 15 years of experience, a former member of the Canadian National Boxing team, and currently Canada’s #1 ranked middleweight. He has 13 pro fights under his belt and 40 amateur fights. Stephan also has a unique story since he started boxing late at the age of 21, which means I can still become a boxer too!

When Stephan isn’t training himself he also trains other people who want to learn boxing and want a tough workout. After wrapping his clients’ hands and giving them a warm-up session, Stephan pushes his clients very hard. He makes them jump rope, hit punching bags, hit targets, and teaches them combos and types of punches. It’s a non-traditional workout but seems to work. However, when clients are skipping rope or hitting bags I imagine it could get boring for Stephan since at some points he is just encouraging and yelling at them. One of the clients he trained told me that he has lost six pounds since he started with Stephan, which was only a few workouts ago—not bad. 

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the talent and fitness level a boxer needs. Stephan is in unreal shape and I watched him warm up and punch some bags; his punches are so powerful and graceful—it was cool. He looks so natural when he is the ring and he tries to transfer this knowledge and talent to his clients. 

I also asked Stephan about the violent nature of the sport and the danger of injuries. He says that when you get into boxing you expect to get hurt. He has never been knocked out, but he still gets MRIs, EKGs, and CAT scans every few years just to make sure he can continue boxing.  

A Typical Day

The boxer I shadowed trains by himself every day and trains other people too.

Top 3 Perks

1) You do what you love 

2) Opens up job opportunities in the future 

3) Often make a lot of money 

Job Culture

Working out, coaching and training others, challenging people, competing nationally with lots of pressure.


1) A background in the sport 

2) Lots of training

Skills Needed

Self-motivating, determined, athletic ability, good attitude, locomotive skills, people skills.

The Field

- In order to be successful you need a promoter behind you. Even if you are talented someone needs to put up the money for you to do a fight.