Career Counsellor

To finish my job shadowing marathon in style I decided to job shadow a career counsellor for a few sessions. During these hour and a half sessions, I watched as she was in the first stage of her three step plan with all of these clients. This stage is about helping the clients self-assess themselves where she will help them find their passions, identify their skills and aptitudes, and discover what they value through a series of tests. These multiple choice tests are very comprehensive and help display the client’s personality. The test is taken before the session, and she produces a report from this test to discuss with the client.

Once the client successfully understands themselves, she touched upon possible career paths that she has seen amongst her experiences with other similar clients. In addition, she helps the client establish a list of goals to assist them throughout their career. During the first session, she helped a high school student map out his future according to the personality test, as well as her experience with him during the session.

Being a career counsellor is a great job as it offers extremely flexible hours and she sees clients of all ages and watches them as they flourish in their respective careers. She also a very comfortable office where her clients can feel relaxed and will open up to her (similar to the psychotherapist I saw).

Following this experience I took her technique and mapped out my favourite career paths that I’ve shadowed this summer, such as a dentist, pediatrician, city councillor, and optometrist.

A Typical Day

Career counsellors interview, coach, and assess clients throughout many meetings everyday. As well they complete research and compile data behind the scenes.

Top 3 Perks

1) Helping people grow and achieve 

2) Meeting interesting people 

3) Creating your own schedule on your time


Job Culture

Indoors, meeting lots of students, researching potential jobs


1) A degree in a related field (education, psychology, social work...) 

- A master’s degree in a related field would definitely give you an edge

Skills Needed

Patience, communication skills, people skills, listening skills, research skills, analytical

The Field

- Technology has made career research more accessible (like my website!)