Golf Pro

Mike, a golf pro I shadowed, started to swing clubs when he was four years old. He has played in the Canadian Professional Golf Tour and is insanely good at golf. Since teaching and playing golf in Canada is seasonal, Mike is also a Web programmer in the winter.

During the day, Mike didn’t stop. The summer is busy for him and he basically teaches all day. He starts off his lesson by letting the student hit balls so he can see the skill level of the student and what needs to be improved. After making minor adjustments on the student’s swing he takes them over to his “desk” (which is a table at a driving range with a computer and a camera). He lets them take a few more swings and then analyzes their swing using cutting-edge technology. Since Mike is also a Web programmer, he fully understands this technology and really uses it to his advantage. He improved many swings throughout the day by looking at them frame by frame, and the golfers definitely noticed the difference. In fact, some were so impressed that they tipped Mike at the end of the lesson. 

Although a lot of his job is repetitive, I can understand why Mike likes his job. We met some fun people throughout the day and Mike got to hit some balls, which is a hobby for him, not a job. He also gets to be outside every day and use some sophisticated technology. Overall, it’s probably a lot of fun to do!  

A Typical Day

The golf pro I job-shadowed teaches at a high-end golf academy. He also plays in tournaments and has caddied for players on the PGA tour.

Top 3 Perks

1) Free rounds at the golf club and discounts on golf apparel and clubs
2) Meet great people 

3) Tips!  

Job Culture

Outdoors for long periods of time, using technology, training and teaching others, working with groups, problem-solving using creative solutions, irregular hours, seasonal work


1) Background in golf and experience at a competitive level 

2) Some golf pros are certified to teach  

TIP: Take a first-aid course and CPR training. Lots of golfers are old and it can get hot.  

Skills Needed

Patience, leadership, motivational, communication, people skills, self-control, computer skills.

The Field

- Since golf isn’t played in the winter in Canada, many pros have other jobs. 

- Many golf pros move down south to play all year so the field there is oversaturated.