Pest Controller

I shadowed a pest controller who works for Rentokil. The pest controller I shadowed grew up on a farm and after years of experience he decided to do this as a full-time job. The pest controller I shadowed inspects homes and buildings for infestations, uses all kinds of chemicals, sets traps, and hopefully solves the problem for the client. One client we visited had a bee infestation. Basically from what I understood, bees or some kind of wasps were sneaking in through a window and the customer though there may be a small hive near the window. After inspecting the area, the pest controller climbed onto the roof through the window in regular uniform—he explained to me that he only wears his protective gear when the bees are aggressive and he didn’t see many bees. I tried to take a peek and I only saw a few bees in the corner. I had expected much worse. After spraying dust everywhere and into every hole he saw, he concluded that he thought the bees may be inside a small area outside the window but within a metal casing. It was actually really cool because the dust showed possible entry points of the bees and he said that if the bees touch the dust they’ll try to get some fresh air and then die. It all seemed very strategic and his job requires a lot of problem-solving.

Honestly, it was really cool following a pest controller around for a little bit. He reminded me of a ghostbuster or a CSI agent since he had a uniform, carries around a heavy-duty briefcase, and sprays dust and other cool stuff all over to uncover pest mysteries. It was fun.  

A Typical Day

A pest controller sees many clients every day. They inspect buildings, use chemicals, set traps, and teach people about pest control.

Top 3 Perks

1) Able to solve people’s problems 

2) Always on the go 

3) Meeting interesting people and seeing new places 

Job Culture

Indoors and outdoors, working in gross spaces, working on roofs and other areas high off the ground, wearing heavy and protective clothing, spraying poisons, traveling, seasonal.


- Companies train their employees.

- Spraying some poisons requires certification. 

Skills Needed

Physically fit and athletic, customer service skills, math skills.

The Field

- Experienced pest controllers can become pest inspectors for governments. 

- Pest problems are increasing since populations are increasing. 

- Companies are using less and less chemicals these days.