Real Estate Analyst

I job shadowed Matthew, who is a real estate analyst for a large development company in Toronto. He has worked there for a bunch of years and his office is pretty amazing. A developer’s office doesn’t have to be downtown so they enjoy perks like a full gym, a squash court, and bigger offices. I liked it a lot. Matt’s job is actually very similar to a venture capitalist except he doesn’t negotiate with people. However, during the day he basically looked at information on various properties just like a venture capitalist would research a business. He looked at powerpoints, excel spreadsheets, and pdfs full of information. He then prepared presentations showing his suggestions and findings on the properties to the partners of the development company and they went from there.

I enjoyed my day with a real estate analyst. Although the job title may sound boring looking at cool properties and buildings can be a lot of fun. As well, seeing your recommendations and analysis come to fruition must be awesome. The only thing missing in this job for me was that you aren’t meeting new and interesting people everyday like many other jobs I shadowed this summer.

A Typical Day

A real estate analyst analyzes properties and determines whether they fit his land development company’s profile.

Top 3 Perks

1) Travel around the world to see real estate 

2) Work doesn’t get old because new projects always need to be analyzed 

3) Hours are flexible

Job Culture

Travelling, analyzing spreadsheets


1) A undergraduate degree in business

 - An MBA would be helpful

Skills Needed

Creativity, people skills, decisive, communication, leadership skills, analytical skills, presentation skills

The Field

- Heavily reliant on the economy 

- Lots of opportunities are available and lots of money can be made during these economic times